Largely, life in the USA is a life of excess…

I don’t get people who want to live in other countries because it’s “cheap”… SA, the Asias, whatever.

The grass is always greener.

I’m an Amercian and this is the land I love. Some parts of Canada are okay too, but as a country they’re fucked at the governmental level.

I want to stay right here and explore the vast and varying landscapes this great nation boasts. I think one could spend a whole lifetime doing that and not get bored.

If you’re tired of the USA and all the great things it has to offer in so many different areas, I would suggest you’re probably an asshole and can never be pleased.

Traveling other lands is great and should be done, but some of us are entertained enough with the states.

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Brown cars: WTF?

I mean like DARK brown cars.


I just don’t get it.

Why do they even make brown cars?

Are there people out there who actually like that color on things other than shoes and clothes and turds or something? Dirt?

I dunno.

I mean they’re shiny… I guess it’s kinda pretty. But it’s just weird. I don’t remember seeing dark¬†brown cars out there over the years. Is it some kinda new thing?

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