I don’t think van/car dwellers should be calling themselves “homeless”…

I don’t think people who live in their vehicles are technically homeless. That’s my opinion. If there is a solid roof over your head, you’re protected from the elements in a structure, I don’t think you can technically be called homeless. 

When I think “homeless”, I think living under an overpass or sleeping on a park bench. Exposed to the elements. 

Living in a van/car is way different than being homeless because you can drive around. Even if the vehicle didn’t run, you’re still not exposed to the elements.

People who live in tents are homeless. People who live in ‘tent cities’ are homeless. Tents are no comparison to vehicles. If you’re living in a cardboard box, you’re homeless. Living in a vehicle does not equal homelessness.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum http://www.sectual.com/thread-866.html


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