You GOTTA hear this…

It’s a Zakk video…

His roommates are fighting and whatever, but that’s not the ESSENCE of this video.

Watch the whole thing just for ambience, but if you want to skip, go to 2:00 and just know…

It’s worth it.

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Cat cafes: I’m going to visit them.

That’s right.

The ones in SoCal are off limits… but other than that, I’m willing to go almost anywhere. I might even be willing to go to Canada.

Border officer: “What’s the nature of your visit to Canada?” 

Me: “I’m going to a few cat cafes!”

Nah but there’s one in Portland that sounds cool.

Portland is a nightmare tho.

We need cat cafes to become more common.

I want to go to a cafe with a lot of cats.

I don’t want to go all the way there and not get any fuzzy action.

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Macarons look so good, but they’re not actually all that good……carons.jpg

Looks like they’d be the greatest shit in the world right?…_large.jpg

And admittedly the ones with the berry filling ARE pretty good……3fa4_o.jpg

But for the most part, they’re pretty suck.

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