Cat cafes: I’m going to visit them.

That’s right.

The ones in SoCal are off limits… but other than that, I’m willing to go almost anywhere. I might even be willing to go to Canada.

Border officer: “What’s the nature of your visit to Canada?” 

Me: “I’m going to a few cat cafes!”

Nah but there’s one in Portland that sounds cool.

Portland is a nightmare tho.

We need cat cafes to become more common.

I want to go to a cafe with a lot of cats.

I don’t want to go all the way there and not get any fuzzy action.

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Macarons look so good, but they’re not actually all that good……carons.jpg

Looks like they’d be the greatest shit in the world right?…_large.jpg

And admittedly the ones with the berry filling ARE pretty good……3fa4_o.jpg

But for the most part, they’re pretty suck.

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