The Chinese are printing “positive affirmations” on their products — SOME OF THEM…

Some of the ‘positive affirmations’ are HILARIOUS though.

You can tell the ones who don’t get the concept of positive affirmations, and the ones who actually know WTF a positive affirmation should be.

So for example, one product I saw had a ‘hidden’/surprise message printed on it that said something like “Focus on all the good and allow it into your life”. That’s a good and proper affirmation. But then I see this other product that basically said “Focus on the high quality of this product and how great it is and feed your need for perfection”. LOL!

So it’s basically trying to mind control the customer to think the product is great (in chinglish, to boot) disguised as an affirmation, while the other product is just a regular, proper affirmation, all good.

Freakin’ awesome… the Chinese really are something else!

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum


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