I don’t really know why love is so important to people…

Of course everyone wants love etc., it’s natural, I get that. And I’m addressing romantic love here.

But it’s like some people are obsessed with love, finding love, receiving love from someone ‘special’.

I think there’s a natural function in this (um, reproduction), however I think some people want love to a selfish degree.

People want that validation from someone else… it’s an ego thing, it’s like they love themselves and want other peoples’ admission of love. Or worse, they don’t love themselves, so they’re seeking validation from somebody else.

Therefore it’s an immature thing.

Which brings me to my conclusion…

That obsession with wanting love is something you grow out of, you mature beyond it. Yeah you still want the standard love and all that, and you still consciously understand that romantic love is really just about reproduction. 

But you’re not obsessive about “finding” love or “looking” for somebody. It’s like you don’t care anymore. It’s a great point to get to. But now I think about all the people who are all sad they don’t have love and stuff, and even though I think a lot of that desire comes from a selfish place, it’s still sort of sad to think about how sad they are.

LOL! Ah well… everybody’s gotta learn sometime.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum http://www.sectual.com/thread-968.html


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