I had a dream that Paul Joseph Watson was fat…

I was really surprised he was so fat. He was shirtless, recording a “funny” video… he was crushing Twinkies between his belly rolls and laughing maniacally. His girlfriend was there, and she was also fat, wearing a bikini. She was on the floor and Paul got over top of her…

He started rubbing the crushed up Twinkies all over her back and her ass. They were laughing hysterically. There was a small dog in the midst of all this. They almost crushed it in their lard, but it escaped through a hole in the wall to a ventilation system.

The camera keeps following Paul as he runs outside to find the dog, and the internet is giving him shit and trolling hard about having the dog in the middle of this bizarre act in the first place. He found the dog, who was confusedly running around in the street. He picked it up. End of dream.




from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum http://www.sectual.com/thread-1088.html


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