I’m romantically repelled by younger men…

I’ve never met a romantically promising man under 35. Honestly.

Granted I’ve never dated a young man, so I don’t actually have any experience. Perhaps it’s unfair for me to say these things, but…

I feel like young dudes are just idiots. Pure idiots.

They can’t help it. It’s BECAUSE they’re young.

But they really are just the epitome of obnoxious.

And I can’t take it.

The older men get, the better they get.

I love men so much.

Having said that, I’m really kind of afraid to get involved with anyone. It’s all so dangerous, and there’s so much work involved… it’s just easier to be alone, it’s a lot less risky and I actually find aloneness to be very fulfilling.

The desire for sex (the ultimate goal on a chemical/biological level being reproduction) is so strong, and I am a little bitter toward this natural function for being so brazen. The chemicals seek to control the mind and make the body obey. I am totally against that on principle. The desire for sex, the desire to reproduce… it’s all victimizing our person.

Wanting to be with someone in a romantic relationship is the first part of this trine of desire. It would probably be for the best if a person just had control over the whole thing, if a person was able to recognize the triggers (I’m taking this word back from the SJWs) that make us feel these things. The chemical domino effect.

It’s probably for the best to avoid romantic inclinations entirely. But you have to have something healthy to channel that energy into… something that is going to be of use to the world, something that can potentially help humanity.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum http://www.sectual.com/thread-1165.html


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