Rather than have sheets and blankets on the bed, wouldn’t it make more sense to…

Wear loose, fuzzy onesies?

Why cover the bed instead of just our bodies? And then lay on the bed?

That way it doesn’t matter how much you roll around, you’ll never kick the covers off. 

And if you sleep with somebody, you’ll never have to worry about not having enough covers.

Your onesie can be thicker or thinner depending on how warm you like to be when you sleep.

It’s also a lot easier and efficient to clean the sheets/blankets when you just wear a onesie because the onesie IS the sheets and blankets.

Then all you’d need is a bed with a fitted sheet and that’s it.

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Fingernails hold readable data and memory…

If you let them grow and look at them through a light, you can clearly see the lines of data.

Memory is held in the hair in much the same way, but that data is much more mental, spiritual, all the non-physical lessons and experiences.

In the fingernails, the memory is much more physical… “hands on”. Everything you do manually is stored in the nails as well as a lot of the other type of data that is recorded by the hair.

The “bulk” of the data stored in fingernails becomes heavy after months. The data stored becomes detrimental. This is especially true if you have experienced or done anything negative during the growth period. 

There are also naturally defined “acceptable” lengths in the nail. These vary from person to person (much like hair growth) but they are somewhat like the rings on a tree. If your nails grow to considerable length, you will be able to see the successive ‘thresholds’ denoted by the lighter and darker (opacity) sections of the nail. The light areas are the length the nail would optimally be kept at if ‘data storage mode’ was not chosen (allowing the nail to grow).

The data storage phases are much longer than the light areas. After a certain point, it is naturally assumed that data storage is to take place and these periods last until there is a paradigm change. At that point, a new ‘starting point’ is established. Data storage can then either be continued, or old data can be shed (cutting the nails).

Data storage is a fine choice if you are doing things that you want to remember and keep incorporated into the whole. It’s important, however, to be aware that regardless of what you think is ‘acceptable data’ to retain, if at any point choices are made which change the past paradigm, you are subject to experience the breaking away of any ‘traces’ of that paradigm which is no longer applicable. This can be a painful and even dangerous experience.

There is some responsibility involved with data storage in the nails. If you are going to store data in the nails, you must also be intuitively open and aware to what data is stored there and when it is beneficial to shed the data.

The data is readable, so it is best to dispose of the nails in a natural setting. If you knew the depths and accuracy of the data (and therefore the readability), not only would you be a lot more mindful of what you do in the first place, but you’d also be more mindful of how and where you dispose of the data.

If you retain data and make it easy to read your experiences, you make yourself a desirable informational source. All of these truths are known to everyone if only on a subconscious level. 

Protect your essence. Don’t betray your secrets. Now that you know, you have a responsibility. These things are not unimportant.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum http://www.sectual.com/thread-1898.html