If our lives flash before our eyes after we die…

Does that mean we’re going to have to watch all these damn YouTube vids AGAIN??

Yeah, it’s a funny thought…

But I’m actually being pretty serious with this.

Are we going to see this again?

Am I going to see myself typing this post about seeing a ‘life review’ after death, during my ‘life review’ after death?

What she’s saying about the gifts on the shelves and them all being different/not one the same…

I have to say I believe that. Even though I believe that all of existence is the same patterns exhibited over and over in a fractal-like projection…

I do think that these coordinate points (us and all conscious vessels as ‘individuals’) are all unique. Maybe different configurations of the same patterns for each coordinate point.


from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum http://www.sectual.com/thread-1375.html


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