Elliot Rodger…

Does anybody else find the whole thing super weird?

The fact that his videos are still on YouTube…

The fact that he uploaded videos to YouTube in the first place…

The fact that he came from a wealthy elitist family, yet claimed he wasn’t that wealthy even though he drove a Mercedes and a BMW and had $300 sunglasses…

The fact that people claim women will throw their panties at anything in a fancy car, wearing fancy clothes, yet nobody ever wanted Elliot… IN CALIFORNIA. The most superficial place outside of Miami.

I just don’t know if I truly believe the story or not.

And his manifesto… talking about remembering his 7th birthday and where they went out to eat. Fucking no one remembers their 7th birthday, and this is coming from somebody who remembers being 2. You just don’t remember shit like that, I’m sorry.

His manifesto and “life story” was boring as all out total fuck.

I just don’t know if I really buy it.

Something about it is so suspicious.

He had a great taste in music though… and video games. He really liked 80s music, and World of Warcraft. I bet that loser never even had a level 80 though.


The songs he was listening to in every video were no accident either… it was always some sad love song about waiting for love or some shit.

It all seems too… planned. I dunno. 

It’s this weird mix of candid and premeditated.

So fucking freaky. And sad.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum http://www.sectual.com/thread-1410.html


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