I’m gonna travel the shit out of Oregon and NorCal…

I wanna see stuff.

I bet I’ll get there and the weather will be crap though.

I’d venture down farther into Cali but the traffic… I just dunno. Not sure I wanna do that.

I feel strangely attracted to Nevada too, but in the same token I know there’s literally nothing there. Like, at all.

I should grow some balls and venture around Lake Tahoe.

But Cali’s side of Lake Tahoe is probably way better than Nevada’s side. I should just check it out and see though.

Tonopah, NV is apparently great for stargazing. Do I wanna stargaze in Nevada? Meh I dunno, kinda.

There are some bitchin’ places in Nevada… it’s all southern though. I’ll probably go check ’em out.

I should probably come at it from Utah direction though… then I’ll go up through Cali. Head up to Death Valley and just stay away from SoCal coastal cities.

See the Sequoias, Yosemite, then go to NorCal/OR and do the coast.



from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum http://www.sectual.com/thread-1428.html


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