Had a dream that millennial news reporters were having panic attacks on TV…

It was Fox or CNN or something…

A man and a woman newscaster…

She started having a ‘panic attack’, interrupting the news segment between them over literally nothing. Then the guy was like, “Oh I totally understand, it happened to me last week on air!” babying her and making a big deal out of how okay it is.

That was when I realized they were acting and the purpose was to “teach people how” to have panic attacks, and that it’s okay to have one and play it up in the middle of whatever you’re doing no matter how important it is.

I expect them to start showing people having panic attacks on TV (and movies) in order to teach people the behavior. They probably already do, I just wouldn’t know because I don’t watch TV or movies anymore.

For some reason though, I think they’re going to start having people do it on TV that is supposed to be live, real people… so they can break through psychological barriers and convince people it’s okay to act that way.

It’s largely about the reaction other people will have that is going to convince the viewers that not only is it okay to have a panic attack, other people will be nice and give you attention when you do.

From here on out, as long as the TV is allowed to exist, they’re gonna lay on the brainwashing with it like never before.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum http://www.sectual.com/thread-1759.html


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