Animals make me act dumb…

Whenever I see a cute animal, I start chuckling loudly and talking in a particularly obnoxious and impaired manner. I make stupid noises.

That’s the effect cute animals have on me.

I have also noticed I react the same way to plants and flowers sometimes. I’ll hold the leaf or petal, chuckle and say something in admiration of the plant using my “impaired voice”.

Animals… it’s so hard sometimes not to want to grab them and squeeze them. I think we’ve all gotten in trouble at one time or another for petting the cat too hard. I’ve never had any complaints from the animals though, just other humans who don’t understand my glee and rapture.

Sometimes when I see birds, all I can think about is putting them in my mouth. Not to bite them, but maybe just “gum” them a little bit and get them all slobbery. Sometimes I feel the same way about other small animals as well. I used to be able to fit my childhood pet cat’s head in my mouth up to his ears. He loved me and was never mad. I know he understood. 

Most animals do understand the strangeness and quirks of humans. Thus why they’re such perfect, non judgemental companions and confidants.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum