ROFLMAO movie ads on Instagram get trolled the shit out of in the comments section…

It’s fucking hilarious.

It’s so great.

They’re just gonna stop putting sponsored ads on there eventually because it’s so bad.

People have been red-pilled.

The control construct is breaking down…

People just aren’t having it anymore.

“Generation Z” are the ones touted as being all woke and shit but…

The millennials, 20s-30s people are the ones who are the most sick of this fucking bullshit because we came of age during the last throes. We came of age when it was at the height of its sick programming and just as the truth started to seep in and open peoples’ eyes.

“Generation Z” is only useful because they’ll be more strongly grounded in the truth since it’s so prevalent now. It’s only because they’re young AND know the truth that they’re remarkable.

It’s people in their 20s and 30s who really carry this and are willing to say fuck it all, stand for the truth and make their voices heard.

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