Iris Law, 16 year old daughter of Jude Law, shares photos of satanist parties…

Iris Law, the daughter of actors Sadie Frost and Jude Law, has an Instagram page where she shares baby pictures of herself attending elitist hollywood satanist parties…

What a completely natural and common sense place to take your small child:…isaw&hl=en

Look at how adoringly Sadie Frost is looking at this nasty, creepy, disgusting old lady wearing devil horns. I wouldn’t let a fucking freak like that get anywhere near my child, let alone squish up against her for a photo.

And here’s a young Iris throwing the “I love satan!” hand sign……isaw&hl=en

Still loving that luciferian hand sign:…isaw&hl=en

Here she is letting a snake crawl all over her face, close friends with the serpent eh Iris:…isaw&hl=en

A proud victim of the Monarch Project:…isaw&hl=en…isaw&hl=en

Here are her parents, attending what appears to be another warped satanist event, her mom’s chest decorated (real or fake?) with six bloody looking scars and pale makeup:…isaw&hl=en

Wow Iris… your parents are a real piece of work. They look like they lack any kind of moral fortitude. Can’t be easy having been raised by a couple of fucking weirdos like that, exposing you to God only knows what kind of sick, heinous ritualistic satanist bullshit.

Here’s a picture of Kate Moss, holding what I assume to be a tiny baby Iris, and wearing quite a seemingly inappropriate as fuck sexual expression:…isaw&hl=en

Now that one really makes me go what the fuck. It’s actually pretty sad and chilling. I mean really… who poses with a tiny infant that way? Moreover, what parent would be okay with it? 

Sadie seems like the real fucking degenerate freak in the family if you want my opinion. She was probably a fame whore and that’s why she ever got with Law in the first place. She wanted to be a part of all those sick, disgusting elitist parties:…isaw&hl=en

And of course all you have to do is look at the other photos shared by young Iris to see how overly sexualized she is and what total weirdos she hangs out with now:…isaw&hl=en…isaw&hl=en…isaw&hl=en

She wishes her mom a happy birthday by posting a picture of her half naked, that’s totally normal:…isaw&hl=en

Here’s a picture of her brother Rafferty Law, who is undoubtedly gay:…isaw&hl=en…isaw&hl=en

He’s got his own totally weird and fucked up Instagram page:

But it’s so worth all the terrible abuse because we get to swim around in worthless fiat currency though:…isaw&hl=en

Iris’ weird, confused, sad friends:…isaw&hl=en…isaw&hl=en…isaw&hl=en

Well I think that about says it all.

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