money, sex, or spiritual satisfaction

Trix  , what are you after  ?  i just watched your karma trap youtube vid.

if you do not reproduce ,the chinese certainly will .    Not saying you must as i understand there are exceptions   but you suggested everyone stop having babies  thus ending humanity  .

what makes you believe in karma so much  , are you part hindu if so where is your red forehead dot ? 

Maybe life is just full of obstacles and bad shit happens on a regular basis  …so then people try to ascribe meaning to it by thinking it was their own fault .  Perhaps we just fool ourselves into thinking if we are good then life gets easier . I don’t believe that for a minute btw as I’ve seen too many humble good people  end up in bad places .  I think we are just born into this world and life truly is a bitch for most   but you gotta fight   to get anywhere or you have no chance  .   

We could also be part of a giant alien experiment  ,  and that would be super interesting  also . Sometimes i feel like you work for the NSA doing social experiments .

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