I no longer enjoy satire, performance art, etc.

I have found these modes to be very helpful and instructive in uncovering truths about the human condition in the past.

I had good parents so I’d say I always had a sense of what crosses boundaries, what isn’t cool because it could fuck with someone, i.e. hiding in a garbage can and popping out in front of a stranger as a “prank”. Sometimes the stuff I’ve done (online trolling) fell into morally gray areas but I almost always stopped short of involving anything that would have real world ramifications since I and those I was trolling
were under anonymity.

Because of aspects of the 2016 US election as well as reaching a certain point of personal experience – the idea that there is nothing new under the sun ringing more and more true as I see patterns – I’ve lost interest in making light of situations altogether.

I’ve found it more and more to be in poor taste that humans continue to merge and blur the lines between entertainment and real life matters of consequence. Trump’s presidency so far is the sick joke I thought it would be and in a certain sense it hits close to home for me relating to personal loss endured a decade ago due to office politics bs where people just use words to make reality up or go along with it  with no substance behind it. For the mature citizens, I feel like satire and other humor should be eschewed or reserved for completely unserious contexts which are unmistakably removed from our welfare.

I do understand why the less experienced and less mature need to test and explore. Simply put, I would encourage the ones with a heart and half a mind to do so, leech off for free though; try to refrain from giving a dime of your money to people like John Oliver, Howard Stern, or the Amazing Atheist. Even Melissa McCarthy. Try not to enable future satire. There will always be the past to draw from to get your voyeuristic or educational fix. Support public television and radio where appropriate.

I don’t feel I have much of a sense of humor anymore period.

Just being honest.

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