Lesbian Amber Heard divorced Johnny Depp and took half, now “dating” Elon Musk…

I hope that fucking piece of shit who took over the company founded in Nikola Tesla’s name doesn’t get a pre-nup either when Amber strap-on style buttfucks half out of him in court within a couple years after he’s dumb enough to marry her…


That’s probably why Johnny and Elon liked Amber though… because she’s so fucking great with that strap-on.

If Elon isn’t careful, we’re gonna end up with an SJW lezbo piece of shit running Tesla, which is even worse than his own sorry ass.


These people are total fucking idiots and the scales are about to balance…

None of these fucking clowns will have a fraction of the power they did at one time and the same mercy they showed will be shown unto them.

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