I want some sexy dudes to hang out with…

I mean INTENSELY sexy… I want downright evil looking sexy dudes who look like they’d be cast as the villain in a ’70s movie about the anti-christ, minus the dated hairstyles.

I wanna have one on each arm. And maybe a few others just hanging around. I mean at some point, it does jump the shark. If we can’t all sit on a small couch together, then what’s the point really?

We would go hang out in seedy nightlife kind of places, we’d just sit around not saying anything, looking super cool and mysterious. 

Fuck it, I want MY OWN nightclub. Beside the dancefloor there would be a heart shaped bed kinda like this one: http://cdn.homedit.com/wp-content/upload…4_1_lg.jpg

We’d hang out on the bed and stroke each other and get all weird.

I just wanna hang out and look super cool and feel far out and groovy.

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