I’m about to go see Alien: Covenant in theater!!!


I’m so excited!!!

I’ve never been to the theater alone!!!

This is so great!!!

But I’m sitting in the parking lot right now and there’s basically NO ONE here. It’s honestly kinda creepy.

I’m here like 45 min. early. I wanted to make sure I beat the crowd…

ROFL… there’s no crowd.

Hopefully it stays that way. I mean it IS noon on a Sunday. Hopefully 5 different churches don’t decide to take everybody to see this movie. ROFL.

But I’m typically not the movie going type. I got this idea lastnight. Then I got so excited I could hardly sleep. I set my alarm for 11AM… this is my ringtone and alarm:

I’m gonna get the biggest bag of popcorn and the biggest HFCS laden soda and fucking SHEEPLE the SHIT out of this!!!

It’s kinda weird because I saw Prometheus in theater too. I guess this is kinda the sequel.

I don’t have anybody to tell me WTF it means. I guess I’ll have to Google it after I watch!!!


Or maybe I’m smarter now!!!


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