Madrid bans “manspreading” on public transport……on-systems…sport.html

What kind of totally psychotic, oppressive shit is this??

The women trying to push this should be in a PADDED CELL, not on public transport…

They’re clearly mentally ill, and honestly… they’re probably dangerous.

You know what I think needs to be done about ‘manspreading’??

I think we ladies need to sit between those open legs and maybe dance around a little bit. Seriously. That’s how ‘manspreading’ should be handled. I want to sit on some laps and grind.

Fuck these man-hating psycho bitches.

It’s all a conspiracy anyway.

TPTB are trying to destroy Western culture, they’re trying to oppress men via these psychotic indoctrinated groups of women who are being USED as tools of derision. 

It’s all about turning men and women against each other. There’s no more powerful force in the world than women and men united… the energy between people, not only on a reproductive level, is monumental.

Fuck their sick disgusting plan.

There are a lot of millennial men especially who consider themselves ‘woke’ who still fall for the MGTOW kind of bullshit, hating on women… not even realizing they are being tools and falling for the divisive tactics that have been used by TPTB.

The woman hating propaganda that has been proliferated on the internet for the last several years is the other side of the coin regarding this division operation that TPTB is running.

People need to wake the fuck up and stop falling for the bullshit.

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