bleeding edge historical conflation and transposition

bleeding edge yet citing a 100 year old source, woooo.

William Comyns Beaumont – Britain, the Key to World History…umont.html

David Alan Ritchie – We The Skythians

Conor MacDari – Irish Wisdom Preserved in Bible and Pyramids…D_PYRAMIDS

tl;dr – babylonian talmudists warped local mythos and folded it into their own. biblical israel/palestine/aegypt were in what is now the modern day uk. billions bamboozled by brazen babylonian bastards.

this line of research, fully fleshed out and published in an easily digestible video, undoes the control grid that grips this planet. it exposes judaism, christianity, and islam as remixed hodgepodge frauds, and calls into question the leaders of these various regions that allowed this obfuscation of history to occur.

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