The pharmaceutical industry capitalizes on people’s trauma…

I was just talking to someone who said that she knows a woman whose mother had a hunchback. She fell and was injured many years ago and that’s how it happened. Her mom died recently at almost 100 years old. Anyway, this woman is getting “preventative shots” to make sure she doesn’t get a hunchback. 

Apparently the doctor said to her, “You don’t want to end up a hunchback like your mother, do you?” Literally playing on her fears. When it was an INJURY that caused her mother to have a hunchback in the FIRST PLACE.

Doctors suss out your fears and weaknesses to play off them and get you on more “treatments”. Prevention is a huge profit for them these days. Of course prevention is half the battle when it comes to any kind of illness. But these people are using baseless claims to get people on meds or to give them procedures.

This woman is apparently a hypochondriac. That’s how they get you. They take people with unresolved trauma and play on all their weaknesses to scare them into spending money and becoming dependent on a number of costly medications and procedures.

It’s SICK.

This is just one tiny example. Big pharma along with money hungry doctors are feeding off people’s trauma and fear from the CRADLE to the GRAVE.

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