Google is IMITATING natural synchronicity to target ads…

Synchronicity is the language of the universe… it runs along the same vein as deja vu. But synchronicity is a lot more common and doesn’t produce the same type of ‘mind trip’ feeling as deja vu.…ity-signs/

By eavesdropping through your microphones on all smart devices, anything that has a microphone and an internet connection, Google is constantly datamining. It listens for keywords in order to target you for ads based on those keywords.

If people don’t know how this works, it’s easy to manipulate them into buying products. If people DO know how it works… well it’s easy for them to get totally offended by such a blatant invasion of privacy.

Google also PREDICTS your search terms based upon overheard keywords, prior searches, and all kinds of third party data. 


Straight up READS YOUR MIND with absolutely NO EXPLANATION, including prior searches, overheard keywords or anything else OF THE SORT.

Whether this is done by sensors on smart phones, like the iPhone home button remains to be seen. Until people start noticing these UNEXPLAINABLE search term ‘predictions’ on Google and DISCUSSING THIS, the truth won’t come out… 

And if Google thinks the heat is getting too hot, they may dial it back so that the public doesn’t start discussing the truth. But they’ll still keep utilizing this advanced tech and collecting datamining profiles on all of us, no matter what.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum