we need to divide up the world

I have always thought every small family needs to have their own 100 acre piece of land minimum to have piece of mind .  That could be done right now in the USA just using  a portion of federal parkland .  There would be no more ghettos  as all inner city filth would be cleaned out and sent to the countryside  to live a healthy life .Everyone would receive 100 acres to do what they wish – if you sell it then you bear the consequences.  After the revolution there would be only emergency health care and welfare for those who are in life threatening situations .  The federal reserve would be gone , corporations and global banks would have no more attachments to government and would be on their own .  We would return to small country schools and learn the basics  , no more teaching children to become homosexuals and transgenders .

Please feel free to add ideas , this is just  the start of the plan .

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