Life is literally a bunch of excrement…

Human life, animal life, all life…

It’s all a bunch of excrement.

We come from and are sustained by miles of layers of filth and decay.

Things die and are consumed by other lifeforms which eat the remains and then shit them out, further contributing to the layers of the foundation of defecation and decay. 

We survive only by eating the food that grows from the layers of decay and defecation of everything that has come before us.

This dense and frankly nasty perception of existence is part of the duality… the other side of the coin is the airy fairy light/energy and formless perception. 

We peer through an ever shrinking window during our momentary lifetimes at the density of existence this form allows us to perceive. 

If you zoom out on time and look at the whole of the human organism throughout the eons… you can see the constant continuous cycle of short lived existence followed by death and rebirth. Blooming and decay, back to back at warp speed.

The organism of humanity is a blip in the lifecycle of the planet. Its depravity and destructiveness speaks to its short lived nature. It’s not an organism designed to last… it’s an organism designed to consume, filter, excrete, multiply and die, therefore providing the bed of decay for other lifeforms to grow out of. 

The ego battles, the completely ridiculous sense based desires, all of it is programming that ensures we just continue on in the cycle of defecation and decay without causing any rift in the process.

Build your life around being attractive to the opposite sex. Lament getting old. Strive for reproductive appeal. Dread your decay. By doing so, you are operating perfectly in this well oiled machine. 

Me personally? I’m going to rebel to the end because I am aware. My microscopic blip will be anomalous… that is the most you’ll get out of this animal farm. And after you die, you’ll be right back, and you won’t remember a thing… and then you’ll care again. About the appeal, about the multiplying, you’ll strive for meaningless things. You’ll be enslaved, in the pursuit of appeal… in the pursuit of acceptance from some other human organism. Again. Until you learn not to care. Until you become aware. If you do. Next time.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum