It is crucial that one does not make changes to their body before the age of 25…

Moreover, it is of utmost importance that one doesn’t do anything that may result in serious longterm consequences, before the age of 25.

It takes at least 25 years to know oneself, and many do not even have any idea who they really are by then either. It is likely that this lack of self-knowledge has been caused by actions at a young age which resulted in longterm consequences.

Therefore, in youth, the idea is to AVOID actions which result in longterm consequences.

Actions which should be avoided are primary those to do with the BODY. No alterations to the body should be made before the age of 25. This includes plastic surgery, tattoos, childbirth, and any other activities that permanently alter the body. I discussed these topics in depth a little more in the following threads:

Time is an indispensable asset which allows us to UNDERSTAND ourselves, as well as the experiences we’ve had. Time CANNOT be removed from the equation… it is wholly necessary. Sure, there may be some who come to understand their true selves before much time has elapsed… but there is no replacement for additional EXPERIENCES (time) which solidify and further prove these understandings/conclusions.

If you do not allow yourself to experience enough time, and therefore allow your personal cycles and patterns to play out several times, you CANNOT truly know yourself. You can’t truly know for sure what the recurring themes in your life are, and thus how you react to those themes, which then gives you examples of your own behavior and your methods of coping with experiences.

If you don’t have this personal knowledge, and if you haven’t allowed enough time to LEARN yourself… then you have no business making any changes to your body/life which have longstanding consequences.

In addition to this, it is beneficial to remember that many aspects of life and the societal system are SET UP to take advantage of you in your youth… your most vulnerable, impressional and naive years. It’s a sick system, but it is true. I discuss this more in depth in the following threads:

One must arm themselves with the knowledge that this world and other people are PROGRAMMED at the matrix level to feed off our natural human inclinations (the desire to reproduce, the desire to stand out, the desire to be unique) which are all based on chemical/hormonal reactions in the first place. There is your consciousness, the higher self… then there is your animal brain which is constantly attempting to override any commands sent down from your higher awareness which (optimally) is aware that many aspects of life/society are a trap.

The purpose of trapping you into changing your body permanently at a young age, or having children at a young age, etc. is to ensure that you never GET TO KNOW yourself, and thus become lost/confused and even more susceptible to being a good ‘cog in the wheel’, a good slave to the machine. The masses are encouraged at every point and turn, often outrightly forced, to participate in a system which ensures all their time is spent being a ‘worker bee’ and contributing to the ever ravenously hungry ‘machine’.

Don’t fall for it. Don’t change yourself. Allow yourself time to KNOW who you are.

From birth, your body is a perfect, complete, whole expression of WHO YOU ARE. It would serve you well not to hide from this truth, but to confront yourself and to know exactly who you are so that you can utilize the tool of your body and personal expression to maneuver through the minefield of life.

Balance is constantly sought in your life. When you change your body in a permanent way, you are complicating the striking of balance. When you change something, another thing will be offset and nothing will ever be enough, nothing will ever be ‘quite right’. There is a way to strike equilibrium if you do make permanent changes, however… the process becomes intensely complicated and could have been entirely avoided if one merely confronted and accepted the truth of who they are.

WHO YOU ARE will never change. Nothing you do to the outside form will change who you are on the inside. Meet and accept yourself in all your natural glory so that you can begin to examine the purpose and deeper meaning of why you’ve found yourself alive on this planet.

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