Nothing is just coincidence, there’s meaning in everything…

Some may say I read too far into things, but I don’t agree. I think there REALLY IS meaning in everything… to me, it seems to go against common sense that there isn’t meaning in everything. Why wouldn’t there be?

Part of my life purpose is to read the deeper meaning in basically everything. I have a knack for it because it’s part of what I’m meant to do.

And we are all meant to do it. One of the most important aspects of existence is to analyze our lives… all of the events, the encounters with other people, with nature. Everything. We are supposed to observe, and think. 

That’s why society has programmed us to constantly strive in an attempt to live up to ridiculous and totally misdirected expectations. Work 5 jobs, never see your family, never go out in nature. The whole point is to distract us from the point of life… which is to experience, and to analyze those experiences in depth.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum