The psychology of self-harm…

I am talking specifically about the more acute methods of self-harm, such as cutting oneself. There are many varieties of self-harm, and though in essence they are seeking to accomplish the same goal, they are not as severely acute. For example, smoking does not exhibit the same sort of acute awareness as cutting oneself. It’s a much more ‘delayed’ process.

So in this topic I will deal with cutting oneself as a primary example.

PAIN makes it so we cannot AVOID the NOW.

People self-harm in order to bring their conscious awareness into the MOMENT, inescapably.

They do this because they are hung up on past traumatic experiences. Their body reacts to the emotions sparked by memories of past trauma, whether those memories are conscious or subconscious. There are a lot of people going around out there who suffer from past trauma, but may not even consciously remember said trauma… see this thread for more info:

Therefore, acutely harming oneself is a method of bringing focus into the moment. Pain brings conscious focus into the moment… this is why pain is said to have its roots in problems (mental, emotion, or physical) which have not been addressed, and subsequently dealt with. When the body has no other choice but to experience pain, it means that issues have been ignored and it is the ‘last resort’ of sounding the alarm in order to find a solution.

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