What are some songs that take you back?

There are songs we like, and then there are those that make us feel like we’re being beamed up and transported to another time and place…

This song has the strongest transportation effect on me. As soon as it comes on, it’s 1972 again. Even though it was released in 1974, but nevermind that.

It’s early summer… there are yellow flowers all around. I’m wearing a deep yellow shirt and brown corduroy bell bottoms. I can smell it in the air… the purity and atmosphere of an unspoiled landscape. Except, I’m in an alleyway… next to the building I grew up in. You can have it all.

It’s 1999 and I’m in North Atlantic Canada, by the rocky panoramic seaside. The sky is a cloudless piercing blue. The wind is blowing so hard I can barely see through my hair, and I wonder if I’m going to blow away. 


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