Stephen Hawking: Conspiracy Theories and Predictions

Firstly, I think he’s going to die within the next 5 years. Beyond that, I think he is a tool, 100%. He can’t even TALK for himself. He has been used because of his background, for one reason or another. I haven’t looked into his ancestry. I’m not sure about the reasons he was selected. He is put in front of audiences with a programmed voice that says whatever his controllers want it to say. The globalist agenda du jour. 

The guys in this video are totally annoying. They’re kind of idiots. Regardless it’s interesting. In this video they’re trying to spin it like Hawking “figured out” that the earth is actually flat, and they didn’t want that info getting out so they silenced him and started using him as a puppet. Anybody with a couple of functioning braincells to rub together knows the flat earth theory is totally fucking stupid. But the interview is valuable, aside from the flat earth speculations. It’s not at all hard to imagine how the guy involved in this interview could be dumb enough to believe the flat earth theory is true, since he was ‘approved’ as an operator of Hawking.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum