tyranny is the norm and democracy is an aberation

I’m going to make a bold prediction, and honestly I hope I am wrong with regard to this. Within the forseeable future, democracy will have become a thing of the past.

The way I see it, it makes perfect sense. Look at the entire span of human history, from the prehistoric era to the present, democracy has been nothing but a blip. Greece, which was a democracy, lasted less than a hundred years. Western democracy in its present form is also less than two hundred years. Most European countries weren’t even democracies until after world war II.

The vast majority of humans that have ever existed lived in various forms of tyranny, or slavery, or servitude. Even the Greeks did not really allow either women or slaves to vote. And of course, as we all know, in America, women suffrage is also less than a hundred years ago. And similarly for negro slaves.

So if you want to really clasisfy democracy in its present form, then democracy is really less than 50 years old.

Now imagine the vast span of human history, stretching at least 10,000 years, starting around the first invasion of the Aryans.

Also, just look at the shape of democracy today. The so called liberals, who had always been champions of freedom and democracy, have gone full dictatorship. There’s really no liberals left in America today. Those so called liberals are full blown communists who want to censor free speech and ban any form of dissent. Everything is racist. Everything is sexist. Everybody who supported Trump is literally nazi.

The far right is not much better either. To quote Aeschylus, “All new throned kings are harsh.” If the far right do gain power in America, then my prediction would be that they will be just as authoritarian as the far left, if not worse. I have nothing against the far right, including the so called alt-right, personally. I think white population really is being systemically replaced, especially given what’s happening in Europe with the migrant crisis. Human nature dictates that those who were not in power must be more tyrannical in order to hold on to power. Especially as, and if, white people become a minority. 

Look, if white people really do become a minority, say, in America, or even in Europe, that certainly will spell the end of democracy as we know it. The concept of democracy never took root anywhere else. The Japanese do not have a democracy. Just go ask any Japanese if they believe their government is a democracy. And if the Japanese, who are the only non-white country that ever achieved the highest level of assimilation of western culture, are not even democratic, what hope do we for the rest of those third world shitskins? You think Muslims are going to uphold rule by democracy? You think the Chinese are gong to uphold rule by democracy? Mexican? Or the rest of those hispanic mestizos? Forget it!

Democracy, for better or for worse, is a white men’s invention, and the only people who have ever experimented and tried to spread this around the world have been white men. Democracy is inherently part of white culture as much as Christianity and Enlightenment. And quite frankly, democracy will die as white men die off.

Now that’s the worse case scenario. Suppose white people do eventually wake up and, in order to keep aflame the flickering lighthouse out of nonage, even then, I don’t see democracy lasting long. 

Because this is the natural progression of all nation states, no matter who is in control, liberals, conservatives, far left, or far right.

Once again, we can look at the present political situation for this insight. In America, in order to placate the increasing number of people who are not of the same tribes, the liberal progressive had to continue to demonize those in power and to censor all opposition, and for that, it had to uphold political correctness and censor of all speech that’s deemed divisive. They know that this wonderful melting pot is actually a bubbling boil of discontent and any moment it might spill over and cause chaos. So in order to keep order and prevent the outburst of violence, they dug themselves into a hole by going farther and farther to the left and by grow more and more oppressive. The same thing is happening in Singapore. Originally as a colony for ethnic Chinese who were discriminated against in Malaysia, Singapore has grown to be a great experiment in diversity by bringing foreigners from every corner of the earth, Indians, mainland Chinese, Europeans, South East Asians, and Middle Easterners. Beneath the facade of prosperity and peace hides simmering discontent and frustration. Ethnic frictions are constant and violent protests erupt sporadically, and the government cracks down by censoring all hate speech, which simply makes the hatred go deeper and which will just make the eventual outburst even more violent. 

The same thing is also happening in Europe. Criticism of Islam is now illegal in Germany.  Political correctness has reached such lunacy that even being openly critical of Islam can get you arrested in England. 

The same thing is even happening in Japan. Massive influx of foreigners–Chinese, westerners, etc.–in Japan cause resentment and also foster the rise of the far right.

Does this actually serve well those immigrants who come to those countries. Not always. The second generation of those immigrants are often left without a homeland, without a in-group with whom they can identify. They are strangers in strange lands, homeless, directionless and loveless. Their lives are meaningless and purposeless. And often times they become drags to the host countries and even worse, they brood in hatred and resentment which cause them to lash out violently. Just look at the number of young Muslims in Europe–who grew up and lived all their lives in Eurpe–who sympathize with ISIS, which is considered even more extremist than Al Qaeda and who drew support mainly from disenfranchised young Muslims from western countries.

All of which signs point to the inevitable truth–that democracy will just not work in those societies, and if those societies do not want to completely collapse and lapse into anarchy, the state must become more and more authoritarian.

Because democracy just doesn’t work in multi-ethnic societies. The Greeks were famous for inventing democracy. In fact, the nomadic tribes in Central Asia, notably the Mongols, were also the first practiioners of a quasi-democratic form of government. Every Mongol adult male had the right to vote, and their leaders–before being corrupted by the Chinese–were chosen based on vote, and not on lineage. But the Mongols were very few in number. There were a famous saying in China that “when the [northern barbarians] exceed 10,000, they become invincible.” That’s how few they were. It was said that during the invasion of Khitan, the Jurchens numbered only 9,000. They too praticed a democracy before they became an empire.

Which amazing corresponds with how the original Greek democracy functioned. The Greek polis were so small that everyone knew everyone else. This is clearly indicated in Aristotle’s Politics. Every polis must have no more than a certain number of people so that everyone can still know everyone else and this ensures the vigor of the democratic process.

Now, here’s my political theory. When you have a small country, with a homogeneous population, democracy naturally occurs, but as the small country grows into an empire and, even worse, becomes multi-ethnic, democracy becomes impossible.

And I believe this is where America is headed toward. No matter who is in power, democracy will simply go down in history as an aeration of the political spirit and tyranny, which has been the norm for the entirety of human, will once again reign supreme over earth. 

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