What is with Google’s super ugly 4th of July banners??


For real…

It looks just WEIRD.

The first thing I thought of when I saw it was that it looks like some commie shit.

That’s not the shade of blue that’s used on the flag… the flag is a dark blue.

You can’t just use any shade of blue.

It’s freaking straight up God awful, what the hell were they smoking??

And what’s with all the animals on the banner too?

And what’s with the smaller banner with the two dangling red bars that aren’t even the same length?? 

Can Google not even take the 4th of July seriously enough to style banners that are actually accurate?

Like the right shade of blue?

It looks SOOOOO fucking lackluster and… I dunno, I just detest it.

It looks like some cucked, hipster version of “patriotism”… who the fuck came up with this??

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