Permanent Sterilization: UK’s hottest new trend among young people!

Granted one may see the… individual on the thumbnail and think “Great! She’s not having kids!? Well it’s for the best!” But not everyone who’s following this alarming trend resembles a human fruitloop.

The globalist elites sit around and come up with schemes like this all the time, and then they perpetuate the ‘popularity’ of the ‘trend’ via their media mouthpieces. They also use the internet to plant encouraging material about the fad… from posting fake stories and thought processes “from” people who have done it, to likely using photos of attractive people as examples. 

It’s all a sick, twisted scheme to breed specifically white people out of existence. Of course it’s not ONLY white people… it’s also anyone who is of European ancestry. 

I mean check this video out at 4:45… this is a traumatized person. It’s exactly the same as people expecting the government to pay for their sex change operations. People are TRAUMATIZED and then seek to permanently alter their bodies. This issue isn’t addressed. At all. And it needs to be. Failing to recognize or deal with trauma, either on the part of the traumatized person, or anyone looking in who could possibly help, is a big factor in people making regrettable irreversible decisions.

7:34 and I mean look at this… this chick is fat and has tattoos all over the place and she’s “depressed” and has “chronic fatigue”. WELL NO FUCKING SHIT YOU’RE FUCKING DEPRESSED. FUCKING MOVE YOUR ASS AND YOU MIGHT FEEL AND LOOK BETTER.

I fucking DESPISE this fucking VICTIM mentality, and these people who ramble off oh she’s “DEPRESSED” or she’s got “CHRONIC FATIGUE” like TOTAL APOLOGISTS because somebody is lacking common sense and doesn’t get that you have to MOVE YOUR ASS IN LIFE in order to be HEALTHY and not FAT and DEPRESSED.

Look at her fucking parents at 9:30… it’s like they’re talking shit about her for having been a normal child. It’s honestly like THEY traumatized her for being active. And then they act like it’s a total mystery that she’s “like a different person now”. She was probably ABUSED by somebody and they don’t even know it. AGAIN. MORE TRAUMA. MORE UNRESOLVED TRAUMA.  

11:15 ROFLMAO this guy is a total fucking pussy. I’m actually 100% behind him getting his balls chopped, fuck that guy.

13:51 WELL NO FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15:20, not gonna lie, I went full screen.

16:27 LMFAO and here you have your stereotypical mind rotted, completely insane SJW freakazoid who says they “don’t identify” with any gender, whilst obviously being female with a squeaky voice and big ol’ tits. ROFL… I am sorry. I really am, because it’s so obvious people like this were probably molested and raped and all kinds of shit as kids and that’s why they’ve turned out so massively fucked in the head. I mean it’s really not funny, and again it’s the result of unresolved trauma. AND she’s a “SEX WORKER”. Wow, just wow. Just wow. So on one hand, she’s falling back on the ONLY THING SHE KNOWS, which is being USED for sex… and on the other hand she is blatantly denying her sexuality.

These people need extensive mental help. 

17:36, never met her dad, so that tells you right there that her single mom was probably highly promiscuous and she was likely sexually abused by her subsequent boyfriends.

LITERALLY FUCKING ANYONE with a couple braincells to rub together can figure out EXACTLY what is wrong with these people… why does ANYONE go around acting like it’s a fucking mystery instead of saying what’s wrong, STRAIGHT TO THEIR FACES??? It’s pathetic.

17:50 she even refers to herself as “like a 5 year old child” and that basically says that this is the time in her life which she was broken and abused. HOW the FUCK do people not just call it out for what it is?? It’s so obvious. It’s so clear. Why does nobody just SAY IT?? These people need to be shaken to fucking reality instead of being provided “SAFE SPACES” to coddle their unresolved trauma.

18:40 so they’re actually TALKING ABOUT the trauma she experienced, they’re even CALLING IT as the REASON she doesn’t WANT CHILDREN and she even says it’s because she DOESN’T WANT THEM TO EXPERIENCE THE SAME SHIT SHE EXPERIENCED. Yet still somehow they’re DANCING AROUND the fucking trauma. They’re talking about the fact that she’s a BROKEN, mentally fucked and traumatized individual and that it is THE REASON she wants to be sterilized… but they’re STILL NOT ADDRESSING IT. It’s instead a process of ACTING LIKE sterilization is some kind of a “SOLUTION”. It’s not a SOLUTION, it’s MORE TRAUMA.

Holy FUCK, people are dumb.

Half the point of being a fucking parent is to try and give kids a BETTER LIFE than you had. It’s a chance to RECOGNIZE what the fuck went wrong in your own broken and fucked up life, and try to make sure you can UNDERSTAND those issues and NOT REPLICATE THEM or RELIVE them in the future. I mean I can’t blame people for recognizing that life itself is inherently suffering etc., I have made threads and posts and a video about this…

But there’s a difference between PREVENTABLE suffering as opposed to the suffering that is inherent in life. 

25:35, wow. You can see the change in that guy immediately after having his balls snipped, YOU CAN SEE that a certain VITALITY and MASCULINITY has just LEFT him. Then he goes on to say that he can now have a bunch of sex and not “pay any prices” for it. LMFAO!!! How selfish and pathetic. How NAIVE.

EVERY single person seeking sterilization in this video was WHITE. 

27:06, this lady basically summarizes it all by saying “All these people felt mentally damaged and therefore it’s okay and makes sense that they want to be sterilized.” AHAHAHAH, bitch EVERYONE is fucking mentally damaged. You don’t GIVE UP and TAP OUT just because OOPS you got mentally damaged, DAMN I guess life is over now!!! That’s FUCKING PATHETIC. That’s VICTIM MENTALITY. That’s DEFEATIST. That is IGNORANT.

Pure and total propaganda.

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