If I can’t see someone as a father figure, I’m unlikely to be sexually attracted…

This isn’t an issue in a lot of cases with men though. Primarily the biggest factor is age. I am unlikely to see a man under 30 as a father figure at all, therefore I rarely find them attractive.

The problem comes in regarding behavior. Does he listen to gangster rap? Not a father figure. Is he irresponsible? Not a father figure. Does he even LOOK irresponsible? Not a father figure. It doesn’t matter if he likes gangster rap and LOOKS responsible. It doesn’t matter if he likes gangster rap and doesn’t look responsible but IS totally responsible. Not attractive, not attractive.

Does he dress like shit? Not attractive. I like men who wear button up shirts and respectable looking pants. Not tight pants, not baggy pants. MANLY PANTS. Give me dad jeans. Give me dressy slacks. Don’t be giving me shorts either, I hate shorts on men. Business casual. Pastors on weekdays. Never trendy, never sloven. No.

If you’re a farmer, you can look kinda dirty though… that’s hot.

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