Lauren Southern et al. are completely oblivious to the violent plot taking place…

In the video she says she “won’t stop” attending these events… and that is the dumbest conclusion she could have possibly arrived at regarding this entire situation.

In The Comments I Wrote:So now maybe you understand how serious this is and how totally unsafe you are out there at these events, Lauren. This is not ‘protesting’ it’s not a ‘rally’, it’s not an ‘event’… it’s orchestrated violence meant to incite war on the streets. You don’t ‘lose’ by not going to the events… you lose by not calling it what it is on its face: orchestrated violence to incite war. You can do that right from the comfort of your own home… and you better. If you don’t think they intend to kill you and the other big wigs of alternative media… you had better wake up. You reach very few people by attending these events. You reach and awaken the world by making videos exactly like this.

It’s irresponsible for her to claim she won’t back down from going to the events because it’s a FAILURE to address these “events” for what they really are… organized mobs of people, (usually) paid to INCITE VIOLENCE with the goal of sparking CIVIL WAR.

The continued failure of the alt. media to call these people for what they are, to call these organized meetings for what they are… is a huge disappointment and a blow to their entire movement of truth and freedom.

The ultimate goal of these organized groups is to get big wig names from the alt. media in one place… and eventually make an attack on their lives.

I am calling the alt. media to wake the fuck up, recognize this for what it is, and use their media platform to share that truth with the masses.

They’ve been on the ground, they’ve seen the situation, they know what is going on and what is being planned, or AT LEAST THEY SHOULD. The WRONG thing to do is to continue going to the mall like zombies. They don’t reach any useful number of people by attending these events. They reach people by making videos at home and sharing the TRUTH of what is going on at these organized mob gatherings. 

Continued attendance of these gatherings is a silly ego game and it will eventually be rewarded as such. It’s natural law… it’s common sense. Their lives are in danger at every one of these gatherings because that is THE PLAN that has been made against them.

The question isn’t WILL people eventually be killed… the question is only how many.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum