People don’t seem to understand that Europe IS AT WAR…

I’m not trying to be “doomy” or paint a grim picture here but…

Europe has been invaded over the last few years by countless thousands of fighting age muslim men.

It was a mass migration for the purpose of bringing war to the west.

It is VERY simple to understand.

There are hoards of fighting aged muslim men marching down streets in European countries, setting things on fire, vandalizing everything they pass…

Cops are USELESS… they will do NOTHING. They are OUTNUMBERED. These ‘troops’ will soon start raiding homes, raping, pillaging and plundering… taking women and children as slaves, and killing the men. It will be an easy task for them because Europe is unarmed… as planned.

You think some of the things going on lately in Europe are bad? Terrorist attacks?! Wake the fuck up people. These massive numbers of fighting age muslim men are going to start storming towns and buildings all throughout Europe, and to the citizens’ horror, their leaders WILL DO NOTHING.

They will do nothing because they have sold their countries and they KNOW what is coming. They don’t care about a single one of their citizens… they will let them be killed or taken into slavery.

Germany… Sweden… France… the U.K. It’s only a matter of time until it’s clearly war on the streets and by then it’s ALWAYS too late because people weren’t willing to WAKE UP and SEE the WARNING SIGNS.

It’s one second to 12… it’s almost too late. When it starts to come down, it will come down fast and people in those countries will be trapped.

If no one calls it for what it is, RIGHT NOW… how can innocent people have a chance?

It’s over for Europe. There are too many troops there. They will not leave peacefully.

It’s going to be the kind of savage and barbaric war that you would only see with masses of people who are from third world shithole countries. Hand to hand combat, combat with crude tools, brutality like you’ve never seen. 

But even the smart people in the alternative media aren’t calling this for what it is. And without those who have gained massive influence and power over the failing MSM’s downfall, without them calling this for what it is on its face…

Many will perish who could have been saved, many will be taken into slavery because nobody spoke up soon enough to rouse the free, critical thinking that sleeps within them.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum