on racism

The way modern western society regards racism is as absurd as the way Christians regard sins. Even the most liberal progressive admit that we can never get rid of racism and that everyone is at least a little bit racist, just as Christians claims that we can never possibly live without sin and that everyone is born a sinner, so everyday we must get on our knees and pray to the secular progressive Jesus and ask for forgiveness for our racism. 

And those fervent religious zealots torture themselves, through self censorship, self-flogging, mental gymnastics, self deprecation–they bend themselves backwards, twist themselves like contortionist freak show artists–to avoid committing the slightest form of racism, lest they provoke the ire of the jealous god of secular progressivism who will smite thee with fire and brimstone. 

They–those secular progressives–have turned everything that is natural and healthy to being human into a sin, a thought crime, a racist act or racist thought. They made it impossible for humans to be human any longer. They are the worst religious zealots of the century outdone only by Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

And much like the religious oppression that terrorized the west in the past, our modern age is in dire need of a reformer in the likes of a Martin Luther, or a Voltaire, someone who is in the present state of things not afraid to sin, that is, to be the worst racist he can be, and to utterly shatter this mental oppression, and to once again free humanity from the tyranny of this terrible religion, the religion of secular progressive utopia of equality, diversity, and tolerance. 

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum http://www.sectual.com/thread-2744.html