I’m officially a crazy cat lady

Had a get together only comments from females ( you have so many cats, I got cat hair on me, why do you have so many cats, wow you are a conspiracy theory  guy, you are such a downer you talk about crazy stuff, what do you mean you don’t drink? 

I guess I’m not cool shit I’m not even chilly. 

But I like my cats only 3 
Never once talked about any theories 
I don’t drink because I think alcohol tastes like shit it dulls the mind and people act stupid. I’ve already proven I can out drink the best but coming from a long Line of alcoholics I’m proud that I don’t have the thirst that some do . 
Call me evil I like animals and plants ! 
I like weed ! 
I like having intelligent conversations.
Basically I used to be the man until I started acting like a man now I just don’t fit in or don’t want to I can’t tell!

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