Bwahahaha the weirdest shit ever just happened to me on World of Warcraft…

I’m not even on a fucking RP server… 

Somebody whispered me and then was like “Come here”… so I go over and he’s like “Join group”, so I join.

Then he gets out his 2 seater dragon mount… takes me to the Translocation Orb in Silvermoon and then we’re in Undercity. We mount up again and he takes me to this house.

He lands the dragon mount and he goes (all in broken english) “Get in the house”.

So by that time I get where this is going…

This fucker literally had his toon set to walk mode instead of the fast mode everyone else uses. Like, DEVOTED to this fucking RP. Ahahahaha OMG it was so hilarious.

So he’s like slowass walking up the stairs, I run past him and get on the bed in one of these rooms and take off my chest gear and pants. My toon is dressed like a trollop anyway.

I’m dancing on the bed, he starts undressing his toon and I’m LOLing so hard dude, I took screencaps but I can’t find them. I don’t think I did it right, SO MAD!!! ROFLMAO!!!

So I’m dancing on the bed in my boots and gloves and he’s like “Take the boots and gloves off”… and I go “I FUCK IN MY BOOTS!!!!!!!!!” 

Then I sat down and waved at him and left the party, then I hearthstoned.

I dunno, it was fucking hilarious. Like…

I’ve been playing WoW for a LONG time and that is by far the funniest and weirdest shit that has ever happened to me.

LMFAO, so weird and dumb. Pretty amazing honestly.

ROFLMAO what’s even more weird is that I named my computer “Harold and Maude”.


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