Existence is a process of computation…

It’s like the matrix is a computer running a command. Much like a calculator, you enter in the numbers, the equation is solved. But with the reality matrix, and specifically our human points of perception… this computational process is the days of our lives and our choices therein. The movement of all existence, on a grand scale… is a computational process.

We’re running through the simulation to calculate the answer… whatever was the motivation of the original intention that sparked this existence.

There are only a few questions it all inevitably comes back around to, when I personally ponder existence. And really, the questions seem to just be a few branches off of one central question. So I could even say that technically, it’s one question. I’m inevitably presented with a conundrum. 

As I thought about it lastnight, like I have so many times before… it occurred to me that our lives themselves are processes of computation that will ultimately answer the one great question. When the whole of the simulation has been run through, from micro to macro… the result will be the finished computation, the answer to the original query.

What is amazing to me is how intricate and serious and detailed it all is, when you’re viewing this process from a human life standpoint. On the absolute macro scale, I bet the process is just an instant… just like it is when we use a calculator.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum http://www.sectual.com/thread-2782.html