Chester Bennington, lead singer of overly angsty Lincoln Park, dead from suicide……-dead.html

He hung himself…

I guess this is what happens when you use musical talent to wallow around in a pit of despair and make negativity/expression of sadness and depression the only thing you’re known for.

Likely a result of early life trauma which was never successfully dealt with.

This follows the death of Chris Cornell, a fellow musician, who killed himself by hanging months back…

Chester Bennington hung himself on Chris Cornell’s birthday.

There was some suspicion around the death of Chris Cornell, which you can hear about here…

I am sure that Rex will have a thing or two to say about Bennington’s death as well, when he posts vids I will post them here.

The ‘illuminati’ love ritually sacrificing people on ‘important dates’. Anniversaries, etc.

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