Shia LeBeouf the Terrorist…oject.html

Look at the fucking guy… he LOOKS like a scummy terrorist. It’s like I said in this thread: Celebrities are literally being used to (WITH NO REGARD TO THEIR SAFETY OR WELLBEING) protest the Trump administration. These tools are considered fully expendable by their handlers/managers. They DO NOT CARE if these tools live or die. AT ALL. They only care that they do their job.

I bet if Shia doesn’t do this, he’s never getting a movie deal again… who knows what the hell else he’s been threatened with. Oh and you can be SURE he’s getting paid massive amounts of money for it. Yet these dumbfuck libtards will gather around Shia in his intentionally scummy looking “dregs of society” garb and they will worship him and protect him and be so glad they get to stand there with him like a bunch of fucking idiots.

Meanwhile, joke’s on them. You wanna talk about privileged? You wanna talk about the 1%? That’s Shia. Bunch of fucking mindless, brainwashed pieces of shit. Fucking lemmings.

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My thoughts today

Everytime i think about how stupid librals are i am shocked to find another libral that’s even more stupid than the last. I swear they are getting dumber and dumber. But i’m sure that the librals i made look like fools today have to be the dumbest of the dumb. They have to be the kings of stupid. They can’t possibly be any dumber, can they? They are so stupid that their libral brains bring them to a place of imagination that they cannot escape.  A place where everything they know is wrong and common sense irrelevant. This place is known as libtard world. Once you get there you cannot come back. Lost forever in the land of morons.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum