The Hagmann Report: Doug is really hot, but here’s my issue with his show…

Fricken heck.

Listening to him talk is like listening to a preacher.

It feels like he’s trying to lull me to sleep.

I’ve seen him on Alex Jones and he’s always really interesting on there. That’s how I found out about the guy.

But whenever I click onto his vids it’s like…

I just stepped into an ultra conservative baptist church or something.

It’s not even anything he SAYS … it’s just HOW it’s said.

So quiet and tame and … quiet.

I feel like even Gerald Celente is scaled back in this video. I mean he’s still himself, but it still seems like he’s being more gentle.

Off topic, but I used to totally hate Gerald Celente. I think I was just taking him wrong. He seems to make more sense now. I like him, he’s classy. I appreciate him trying to inspire style and class.

Hagmann is good with interviews though because he just lets people talk and talk…

That’s one thing about Alex Jones that bothers me (and everyone I’ve talked to about it)… he just interrupts people all the time. It’s good to hear people talk and talk without getting interrupted.

I like Hagmann because you can just hear him laugh every now and then while Gerald is talking.

I like Doug. He’s awesome, I really respect him for even having a show at all. But it is sorta square.

Hey it takes all kinds. This appeals bigtime to some people.

Alex Jones is definitely more my cup of tea. I’ve never felt like I was being lulled into a peaceful sleep by Alex.

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Guess who’s dream saved his house from burning down!

This guy. I had a dream yesterday while I took a nap that my house burned to the ground and killed my cats my son was with me and next to me in the street watching it burn . It really stuck in my head and I had that Gnawing dejavue feeling all day then it happened like In the dream got a phone call from the same person as in he dream But I said I was busy because I Feeling of dejavue increased and I started checking things and nearly at the same we smelled something electronic burning and sure enough a wall outlet was shorting out and was very hot. Had already melted the wire coating and plug outlet

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Perseverance Valley: The Beaches of Mars

Looks like a beach to me. Looks like there’s even still water there. If not, why the hell is it blue?…ncamFC.jpg…t-rim.html…veropp.jpg

“Possibly” water-cut……ipice.html…00×600.jpg

Look into the distance on this pic:…Valley.jpg

It looks like an ocean……_l257f.jpg

And if it’s not an ocean, then there clearly was one there at some time and it must have evaporated very quickly to leave such a ‘stain’.…ective.jpg

The ground looks wet:…mars_6.jpg…_l257f.jpg

But it’s totally not wet and there was never life on Mars:…1_1710.jpg

But DON’T draw any conclusions until NASA tells you it’s okay.

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I love keeping onions until they sprout and start growing chives!!!

What a marvel of nature!!!

I love stroking the long, beautiful green and smelling its delicate onion scent!!!

It’s like growing an indoor plant, without the longterm commitment! You just buy the onions and forget about them for a month or so!!!

One day you look and behold!!! Greenery, right in the kitchen, without even having to water anything!!!


Oh I’m so happy!!!

I can’t wait to eat them all!

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