girl poses as man for lezzy pleasures

i think this is right up your alley trix  , an elaborate scheme  to    trick the  naive    young ladies    

i think you are a part time lezzy  that enjoys a challenge  , i could see you doing stuff like this after you  find your famous sugar daddy

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a poem by Ransom Godwin / Dj.R@NSOM the FREEDOMIST

a poem by Ransom Godwin / Dj.R@NSOM the FREEDOMIST 

“I Remember the Day.”

I remember the day.
Before it all went away.

When did it all go to hell?
I think it was when the buildings fell.

…Do you remember ?
That September ? 

I remember being free!
…When I felt liberty!
Sea to shining sea.

Was the home of the brave.
Today it’s freedoms grave.

Now just tyranny thrives.
No escape from the jails we call our lives.

Living in cells we call our homes.
Afraid to venture out under the nazi drones.

Checkpoint pat-down roadblock!
Every stop I see a cop!

We used to make it through the day.
Without any help from the TSA.

Everything is now against the law.
Guns, gardens ,speech ,thought, even milk that’s raw. 

1776 world wide!
Because theres nowhere left to hide!

I remember the day.
Before it all went away.

When did it all go to hell?
I think it was when the buildings fell.

Do you remember ?
That September ?

” live to be free
Be free to live
Live free or die trying”


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church ladies

for some odd reason i keep having dreams about going to church  and  hooking up with  a lady in a nice dress  but instead of being decent i rush her down into the church basement and lift up her dress  and go for the gold 

she is willing and gives in to the pleasures of the flesh  , but just as she is about to orgasm  we hear footsteps coming down  and sure enough its the pastor  

then i wake up , i want the dream to finish one of these nights

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Toxoplasmosis: Cold-like Symptoms Followed By a Strong Desire to Acquire a Cat

Again, just like a handful of times in the past, I have recently experienced cold-like symptoms, including swollen lymph nodes and sniffles… followed by a strong urge to acquire a cat. Therefore, it has again become relevant for me to discuss toxoplasmosis, just as I have so many times in years past.

Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that reproduces in the stomach lining of the feline species. It entire life’s purpose is to be eaten by a cat so that it can reproduce. It accomplishes this end by mind controlling the animals that it infects (such as mice) to put themselves in situations where they are susceptible to being eaten by a cat. It is believed that 1/3 of the world’s population is infected with toxoplasmosis, which can be picked up by unwashed vegetables, the handling of cat feces, and the consumption of raw animal products.

Upon the death of the host, toxoplasma gondii will travel from the brain of the host, into the most easily accessible exit point in the body, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth. The cat may then eat the toxoplasma gondii parasite, and therefore the parasite will be able to reproduce. This is why cats begin to eat the faces (lips, nose, etc) of their deceased owners when their bodies are left undiscovered for days.

Toxoplasmosis Linked to Schizophrenia and Other Mental Illness

Toxoplasma gondii can alter neurotransmitter function and therefore the behavior and perception of the infected person. 

Link between schizophrenia and toxoplasmosis: 
Link between severe mood swings — ‘rage behavior’ and toxoplasmosis:…cat-feces/

Toxoplasmosis considered not only a possibility, but a prime cause for schizophrenia:

Although toxoplasmosis is “latent” in most of those infected, it is thought that even “latent” toxoplasmosis could still have severe effects on the mental state:

Women Infected With Toxoplasmosis More Likely to Give Birth to Males

Women with the highest level of anti-bodies gave birth to 72 boys out of 100 children, while uninfected women gave birth to 51 boys out of 100 children.…lysis.html

Toxoplasmosis Symptoms Flare Up, Causing Cold-Like Symptoms and Desire to Aquire a Cat

The parasite is inactive for most of the time, but can become active again when immunity is compromised and results in cold-like symptoms including swollen lymph nodes, fever, etc.

The parasite comes out of inactivity and “wiggles around in the brain” which coincides with aforementioned symptoms, followed by the intense desire to acquire a pet cat.…ior-390436

Toxoplasmosis Linked to a Rise in “Unconventional Sexual Desires”

People infected with toxoplasma gondii found to be more attracted to bondage, sexual violence, and fetishes. Boy can I relate to this symptom!…ires-45990

Toxoplasmosis infection linked to increased sexual attraction to fear, danger and submissiveness.….4916659746

Educational Videos About Toxoplasmosis

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What are some songs that take you back?

There are songs we like, and then there are those that make us feel like we’re being beamed up and transported to another time and place…

This song has the strongest transportation effect on me. As soon as it comes on, it’s 1972 again. Even though it was released in 1974, but nevermind that.

It’s early summer… there are yellow flowers all around. I’m wearing a deep yellow shirt and brown corduroy bell bottoms. I can smell it in the air… the purity and atmosphere of an unspoiled landscape. Except, I’m in an alleyway… next to the building I grew up in. You can have it all.

It’s 1999 and I’m in North Atlantic Canada, by the rocky panoramic seaside. The sky is a cloudless piercing blue. The wind is blowing so hard I can barely see through my hair, and I wonder if I’m going to blow away. 


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